Facco Salotti

Divani, sofas

Artisan working with sofas and upholstered furniture, we are in the 50s, Marino Facco left Padova and move in Trentino taking with him all the "made in Italy" experience and craftsmanship gained in Veneto in the manufacturing and processing of sofas and upholstered furniture.

In the village of Bocenago in the heart of Val Rendena Marino Facco opened his own workshop, where hand-made sofas and upholstered furniture with care and each piece, designed and built entirely by hand because they retain the important characteristic of uniqueness.

"Unique and handmade" these are the values inherited by his son Stefano who over the years alongside his father and learns the traditions and passion for manufacturing a handiwork of the art, sofas, lounges, upholstered furnishings. Rules that Stefano and his staff still follow in making each sofa and upholstered.

The construction of the frame, completely made of poplar wood, designed and cut in our joinery, both traditional and innovative fabrics for sofas and padded carefully chosen among the best local producers and international, with taste and wisdom to fill the comfortable padding, sign the value of the Facco's sofas handmade crafts made  in Italy .


Facco Stefano - Divani | Via Cavour, 20 I-38080 Bocenago TN tel +39 0465 804610 fax +39 0465 806361 | e-mail: info@faccosalotti.it | p.iva 01059060226